sobota, 25 sierpnia 2012


Dear friends,

After working a lot about people's behaviour, analyzing why do children and teenagers sometimes do not behave properly, or even adults do not respect the rules in the society where all of us are living,
we decided to make an interview to some people who are important for us.
They are for example: parents, teachers, headmasters of a school, a Mayor, a priest etc.
Their opinion helps us to see how adults think about people's behaviour and what we can do to make the world better.
A very simple thing for example: "Remember to say PLEASE and THANK YOU", "Respect the opinions of others" etc...
We invite you to have a look at all the interviews.
Enjoy watching them and try to get something positive from them, too.

Pupils and teachers from Szkoła Gębice (Poland) and Navàs ( Catalonia).

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